Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thank You to Our Customers and Friends!

Cute handmade card from Dianne in N.H.

Thank you Dianne in New Hampshire! Dianne recently ordered a fetish bear pendant from me on our website Indian Summer Native American Art. Dianne called her order in, rather than using the shopping cart, and mentioned to me that we had been recommended to her by a good friend named Sarah from N.H. who is a customer and friend of our's as well. Thanks for the recommendation Sarah...we appreciate our good customers that help spread the word about our quality merchandise, and our fast and friendly service! Dianne was so pleased with her pendant and the little "extras" we send along with our orders, that she made me this great southwestern style card and surprised me with it! I get nice cards, and emails routinely from our customers thanking us for our products and service, and we sometimes get photos of our customer's collections, and fun photos of themselves or their pets. Although I have not always thought to photograph the nice cards we get....nor post the emails on our site, we very much appreciate them! Anyone who takes the time out of their busy schedules nowadays to handwrite a card, let alone make it...and then send it snail mail, which means a stamp and a trip to the post office, deserves a big THANK YOU! So, in addition to Dianne in NH, I want to thank ALL of you great customers that keep in touch via cards, postcards, and emails! You are appreciated! As an old favorite of mine, Dean Martin used to say, in closing his variety show each week...."Keep those cards and letters comin' in!"....~LOL~

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Fetishes With Special Meanings Behind Them!

Danette Laate's elegant Malachite Butterfly represents "everlasting life"!

Who could resist Eddington Hannaweeke's Serpentine Frog....he can bring you abundant rains...and warn you of danger!

Cheryl Beyuka's triple Pipestone and Lepidolite Wolves on the prowl represent family unity......

Enrike Leekya's Travertine Bobcat is believed to have psychic abilities!

With the crescent moon and stars, Jayne Quam's Celestial Azurite Owl is defintely the "Ruler of the Night Skies".....

Michael Mahooty's Labradorite Bear is loaded with fire! This cool stone is believed to be of extraterrestrial origin and is very powerful!

We have added more new fetish carvings....These are just a sampling....come take a peek! Neat stones and cool meanings behind the carvings! Some are really hard to resist ~LOL~....We look forward to hearing from you!