Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Enduring Bison......

Harold Davidson Navajo Bison Fetish Carving
I am reminded daily of the various meanings and characteristics that the Native Americans have given all of nature's creatures.
The bison is known for endurance. 
Wes and I walk as often as we can on a local trail near our home where there are bison and elk housed in large open areas behind a chain link fence. I see these magnificent creatures winter, spring, summer and fall.  I watch them shed their heavy coats of fur in the spring, only to grow them back in the fall.  We watch their newborn grow, and see how protective the mamas are of their babies.  As I am snuggled in my warm coat, with boots, scarf and gloves, I see the bison standing stoic in the cold falling snow.  In the summer as I walk past them in my shorts and sandals I see them trying to cool off in the sweltering heat under the shade of a nearby tree. I marvel over just how "enduring" these bison are....not only are they enduring, they are also endearing. 
Please drop by for a visit at and take a peek at one of our many wonderful bison carvings.  You will feel their enduring (and endearing) powers the moment you call one your own!
~ Jill ~