Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Visit With the Quandelacy's......

Andres Quandelacy and Jill / October 19th, 2011
We just got back from New Mexico!  Had a great time visiting family and friends!  Spent an afternoon visiting and purchasing fetishes with the Quandelacy family....Andres, Faye, Sandra, Albenita...her son Jeff Yunie, Avery, Priscilla and Stewart....the whole gang was there!  Including a number of drop in guests such as Peter Gasper Jr. and  a few new artists that we met for the first time!   Now I need to get busy and unpack all the wonderful goodies I purchased and get them photographed and on our site!  Such a busy week with Halloween and all!  Do check in on us at http://www.indiansummer.com/ as we will be adding new fetish carvings, beadwork, pottery, baskets, jewelry....and more very soon!  The holidays are almost upon us!  YIKES!