Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Snow of the Season.....

These shots were taken from our balcony....we are so lucky to have such great views of these majestic mountains....sometimes I tend to take them for granted....I am always in awe of them after I return home from a trip... I am reminded of how much I would miss them, if they were not here.

Well, the local weather stations said that we might have our first snow today...and they were right! We had a cold front move in yesterday with some high winds and the temperature dropped dramatically.....the skies darkened, and lo and behold....there came the snow! The mountains were shrouded in thick blankets of dark clouds, and when the clouds rose, they revealed the freshly fallen snow left behind....I took these photos late this afternoon, and much of the snow had melted...earlier the snow crept down the entire mountainside and into the fact I was out running a few errands and got caught in a fleeting snow and hail storm. This is just way too early for "winter"....we have only had a little over one week of autumn...I guess that the days to come will now be oficially "Indian Summer". Many people ask me what "Indian Summer" exactly means, since this has been our website name for the past fourteen of the many descriptions of "Indian Summer" is as follows:
"A warm period of time following the first frost, after the leaves have started to change colors. A tranquil time to relax after a fall harvest. A serene time when the hard labors of summer have ended and the winter is not yet upon you. A peaceful time in one's life when they can relish in their past productivity"....
This past summer has certainly seen a lot of "productivity" with us and our investment house remodel, which we are finishing up this maybe this first snow is a sign of tranquil times to come...I will choose to view it positively, as I cannot deny that today it was truthfully a beautiful sight to look up at our glorious mountains and see the mixture of autumn colors amidst the freshly fallen snow.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Fetish Posting at Indian Summer on the Way......

Just wanted anyone out there who reads our blog to get a head's up on a new fetish posting on the way! We are trying desperately to finish up our remodel this week.....and get some work done on a NEW website we will be unvailing within the next few weeks....will keep you posted on that information, as we progress with the project! We have been mentioning that there would be changes with Indian Summer this Fall.....and this will be one of our major changes...a new website and web address....we think you will be pleased with what we have in store! We do appreciate those of you who continue to email us about our blog...we are happy that you are enjoying it...but we would really love to have you post to the blog, so you can share your comments with other readers and customers of ours! Check in on us over the next week, we should have a new batch of fetishes on...and our new site will be up and running before you know it! If you have any questions, please email us or comment on our blog...we look forward to hearing from you!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Navajo Taboos ......"The Navajo and the Bear"

"Navajo Taboos" by Ernie of the few books you will find that deals with this subject matter....a fun and interesting read!

Enjoying a cold Coca Cola on the "Res"! Navajo Folk Art by well known Navajo carver Harrison Juan

"Typical" Navajo Man on the "Res" enjoying a smoke....Navajo Folk Art Carving by Harrison Juan

"The Three Bears" Left to right.....Herbert Him's Picture Stone Jasper Zuni Bear....Roderick Quam's Cedar Zuni Bear...Lena Boone's Sandstone Zuni Bear

Navajo "Taboos" are not something to be taken lightly....they are very real, and many "taboos" are not just mere coincidences, especially after you witness the result of breaking a taboo. Many Navajo people, especially some of the older members of the tribe, and those who have stayed with their traditional way of life....have their "taboos" and their beliefs concerning day to day living. Working in a gallery for 22 years prior to going on the internet in 1996 with Indian Summer, I came to know many Native American people...the majority of them being Navajo, due to our proximity to the Navajo Reservation...about a four hour drive from Salt Lake City. I became dear friends over the years with many of the Native Americans, as the gallery served as a "Trading Post" to the local Native Americans, and drew in those that were traveling through. We always had the latest copy of "The Navajo Times" (the Reservation Newspaper) on hand to read....had relaxing flute music turned on, or sometimes Indian rock and roll music playing, or perhaps peyote chants. It was a great gathering place, where we always had a cold soda on hand for them, and after earning their friendship, they would trust you with tales from the "Res" that you did not always hear about, nor learn about in books. The Navajo people have many "superstitions" and beliefs that are intriguing to say the least! Many Navajo people still practice witchcraft as well....I have had the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up, while listening to some of the stories that were shared with me, about the "darker" side of life on the "Res". This post is just going to cover a few of the taboos.....I plan on doing future posts that will cover other taboos and beliefs, but want to concentrate this post on the Navajo and the Bear. Some of the taboos associated with bears are undoubtedly a result of their rather "human like" appearance when they stand upright. Bears are also the principle figures in a sacred Navajo ceremony called the "Mountain Way". Some Navajos believe that bears are their reincarnated ancestors. The bear taboos share a common belief.....if a human being mimics a bear, he will become like that animal. In the case of bears, the taboo is more potent, because of the humanlike resemblance and because bears are one of the were-animals associated with listed below are just a few of the fascinating taboos associated with The Navajo and the bear....
1. Don't ever make fun of a bear....It will make you sick.
2. Don't step on rocks turned over by a will make bears chase you.
3. Don't step on a bear's waste...It will "bother" you, and you will act like a bear.
4. Don't walk over a bear track...You will get hairy and act crazy.
5. DON'T step on a bear track....You will turn into a Skinwalker.
6. Don't say "Shush" (Bear in Navajo) in the mountains....Bears will come to you.
7. Don't laugh at bears....they will get mad at you and come after you.
And last, but not least for today's post...
8. Don't put your shoes on the wrong feet....Bears do that, and they will come after you!
This last taboo is a reference to the story of the "Night Animals" and the "Day Animals" playing a moccasin game...this was a game they would play to see if it would remain night or day permanently....of course, the game ended in a tie, but the weary bear, in a hurry to get his moccasins on during the game, put them on the wrong feet, making the bear's toes turn out rather than inward like a human's.
Hope you enjoyed these Navajo Bear is always fun to learn something new about another culture, and next time you are out hiking around where there might be bears, I am sure you will be very careful NOT to step on a bear track! (Refer to #5!)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

They're Creepy and They're Kooky, Mysterious and Spooky......

Enrike Leekya's Owl is the "Ruler of the Night" and reigns over the dark and mysterious side of nature!

Farlan Quam's detailed snake is really STRIKING!

Albert Eustace's Bat vants to suck your blood!!!!!

Derrick Kaamasee's Spider is watching you...with ALL of his eyes!

Derrick Kaamasee's realistic beetle has "pinchers" to grab you with!

Wanting Herb Hustito's Bat will make you "BATTY!"

Roger Pino's Slithering Serpent with demon red eyes!

Emery Boone's Raven..."Quote the Raven....Never more".....

Derrick Kaamasee Antler Beetle...."Beetle Juice!"

If you've read anything about ME.....or looked at photos on my sidebars, you would know by now, that I LOVE Halloween....and anything ~S~P~O~O~K~Y~!!!!!! I had fun looking through some fetishes I am getting ready to post soon, and spotted some creepy creatures that fit in perfectly with the upcoming Halloween season! Thought you might enjoy a "preview" of a few of the fetishes to come. Also, we have big changes in store for our sure to watch for a newsletter soon, announcing the changes! In the meantime, enjoy these creepy, crawly, and nocturnal creatures! Watch for them soon on our site....or if you are just "DYING" to have one before it is us, or post a comment and we can work something out! We look forward to seeing a comment from you soon! We are getting lots of emails about our blog...but hey guys...the point of the blog is for you to get a chance to make a comment, have it posted and let others read's all about connecting and interaction! Hope to hear from you soon!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Remembering 9/11......

Today marks the eight year anniversary of 9/11....a day that will live in infamy.....a day that we will always remember. I am sure you remember what you were doing that day. We all have our memories of how we heard about the tragic events....where we were when we heard about the attack on our country..... and the overwhelming sadness and anger that ensued. Of course those who lived in NYC, Washington D.C. (Arlington, VA.) and PA. were a lot closer to the events than to us here in Utah....but that day, we all came together as a nation, and we all mourned as a nation. I remember exactly how Wes and I first heard about 9/11....we were on our way to the SLC International Airport. Wes had an early morning flight out to Portland, Oregon, and we were listening to the radio when they came on with the news of the first tower being hit by an airplane....we were shocked, as everyone was, yet at this time it had just happened, and the last thing anyone was saying was that it was a "terrorist" act. We were speculating on how a plane could get so off the plane must have been having engine the recent plane that made a crash landing in the Hudson River not too long ago. Still on our way to the airport, the news of the 2nd tower being hit came across the radio, and the rest is history. I dropped Wes off at the airport, hating to say our goodbyes, as I now feared every plane headed out that day from any city, to any destination may be targeted.....I drove home as quickly as I could to turn on the television and try to learn more about the devasating events as they unfolded. Of course every station was covering the tragic breaking news....It was only a week after our daughter Phyllis had started attending the University of Utah....we were hearing local broadcasts telling students to stay away from the "U" that day, as it may be targeted....we live about 15 miles south of Hill Air Force Base, and it was immediately put on high alert and was listed as a possible target as they are "home" to the F-16's, and have the largest fleet of F-16 Fighter Planes in the U.S. My thoughts were filled with unbelievable sadness for the victims of the attacks....yet I was also very concerned for my own husband who was set to fly out any minute. The order to halt all flights came only seconds before his takeoff.....he lost his luggage as it was already loaded onto a plane that was to go nowhere that day. A week or so later, when he was called by the airport to pick up his luggage, the local news did a story on him...he just happened to be the one they chose to interview about his thoughts and feelings that historic morning of 9/11. I have heard a famous Medium by the name of Hollister Rand make reference to that day, by saying "our long summer of innocence was gone". How true...our simpler way of life changed drastically that day....and the family and loved ones of those lost in the events of 9/11 had their lives altered forever. Fly your flag proudly today, and may the happier memories of this past summer keep you warm during the cool evenings of fall.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Attempt at Blogging.....

Well, this is my first attempt at blogging! A friend of mine suggested I start a "blog" several years ago, when they first came about....I told him "no way!"....but here I am, attempting to blog....I guess you could say "better late than never"! Actually my sister Julie got me interested in this whole thing a few months ago, when she started "blogging". She is very much into antiques and nature, and her blog opened a whole new world for her to share her passion with other people from every corner of this earth with the same interests. Shortly after that, our daughter Phyllis and her partner Ellie started a blog to share photos and fun times with family and friends. Ellie is from London, and with their blog, her long distance family is able to keep up with her life here in the states. I must give Phyllis a special "thank you" for having the patience to teach an old dog new tricks! We didn't agree on all photos to use, so I made a few compromises. (Hope that is okay Phyllis?) Although we have been on the Internet for almost 14 years now with our website "Indian Summer", I must admit, I am not computer savvy....just ask my poor webmaster Jeff who puts up with me every time I call out "HELP"! Aren't you proud of me Jeff? I didn't call you away from your wife giving birth to twins or anything!!!!! I actually did this on my own, with a lot of help and encouragement from my daughter.

When we first went on the net with our website, we didn't have the convenience of a shopping cart...were there shopping carts in 1996???....probably, but we did not have one in the beginning. I got to know our customers well, with phone calls and emails made to us inquiring on an item, or calling after they received their purchase, usually to express how elated they were with it! On our blog, we welcome your comments. It can be about our post, or about a purchase that you have made from us, or just about anything you feel you want to say. We receive so many nice emails where many of you have told us you are pleased with our service, or your purchase, and asked if we had a "comments" page....consider this blog your "comment page"! We can learn more about you, and now you know a little bit more about me and my wonderful family. I also hope to share photos with you of some of our fun buying trips, as well as personal trips, as we do love to travel! I will give advance notice of new postings coming up, and show a preview of new things to come! You don't have to have your own blog to make a comment, just hit "comments" and if you have a blog, great...sign in as a blogger and choose to be a follower if you'd like. For those of you who don't blog, as I never did before can sign in anonymously and sign your comment with your first name only if you wish, (or remain anonymous) or you can sign in with just your name, and include a url if you want, but the url is not necessary to be able to sign in using your actual name. Sounds complicated....huh??? I thought so too, but it is so easy, and it is fun! After you hit are half way there, plus it gives you a chance to see what readers have to say, which is always interesting, plus it can link you to their websites or blogs, if they have one. I hope to hear from you, and I hope you will enjoy our postings.
Thanks for checking out my blog!

Check back in on us soon....we have lots to share!