Wednesday, September 16, 2009

They're Creepy and They're Kooky, Mysterious and Spooky......

Enrike Leekya's Owl is the "Ruler of the Night" and reigns over the dark and mysterious side of nature!

Farlan Quam's detailed snake is really STRIKING!

Albert Eustace's Bat vants to suck your blood!!!!!

Derrick Kaamasee's Spider is watching you...with ALL of his eyes!

Derrick Kaamasee's realistic beetle has "pinchers" to grab you with!

Wanting Herb Hustito's Bat will make you "BATTY!"

Roger Pino's Slithering Serpent with demon red eyes!

Emery Boone's Raven..."Quote the Raven....Never more".....

Derrick Kaamasee Antler Beetle...."Beetle Juice!"

If you've read anything about ME.....or looked at photos on my sidebars, you would know by now, that I LOVE Halloween....and anything ~S~P~O~O~K~Y~!!!!!! I had fun looking through some fetishes I am getting ready to post soon, and spotted some creepy creatures that fit in perfectly with the upcoming Halloween season! Thought you might enjoy a "preview" of a few of the fetishes to come. Also, we have big changes in store for our sure to watch for a newsletter soon, announcing the changes! In the meantime, enjoy these creepy, crawly, and nocturnal creatures! Watch for them soon on our site....or if you are just "DYING" to have one before it is us, or post a comment and we can work something out! We look forward to seeing a comment from you soon! We are getting lots of emails about our blog...but hey guys...the point of the blog is for you to get a chance to make a comment, have it posted and let others read's all about connecting and interaction! Hope to hear from you soon!