Monday, April 29, 2013

An Afternoon with Mary Black and Family......

Mary Black...the adorable lady in purple in this photograph, was in Salt Lake City yesterday at the Museum of Natural History along with various members of her family, including her cute daughter Sally (in red).  Our wonderful museum had an on-going Basket Weaving Expo that had started back in January, and came to a close yesterday afternoon.  Mary, along with her son Andersen, daughters Lorraine, Sally, and Peggy were there for the final day sharing their basket weaving skills and techniques, along with their charming personalities, and fun stories about life on the Res. and how they came up with some of their unique ideas for their one of a kind creations!
 We first met Mary back in the late 70's when we went to her home to purchase some of her beautiful basketry. Her work  and her reputation have evolved over the years...and anyone who collects or appreciates Native American baskets would place her name right at the top of the list as one of the all time great basket weavers! We had a wonderful time chatting and catching up, and checking out their stunning baskets!  Wish I could have purchased every one of them!  My Navajo spelling is not the greatest...but I would like to say
" A-keh-hey"
Thank the Black family for their outstanding contribution to the art of
 traditional basket weaving!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Out of this World!

Our  fetish carvings at Indian Summer are
really out of this world!
We've been adding new carvings....
a few new Aliens that have migrated west from Roswell to Zuni!
Some of these fellows even come with their own spaceship backpacks!
These U.F.O.'s give new meaning to the phrase....we are calling them
"Unidentified Fetish Objects!"
Come check them out...because just as quickly as they appeared on our site...
They could disappear into the night skies.....never to be seen again!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Zuni Express......

I am craving some yummy food today...maybe it is the cold rain pouring down that has me craving some comfort food....or maybe it is just running across these photos a few minutes ago of some delicious food we had the last time we were down visiting at Zuni Pueblo...whatever it is, I am hungry!  Not just hungry for yummy food, but hungry to travel....would love to be down at Zuni today shopping for fetishes, pottery, jewelry and kachinas....then taking a break and heading over to our favorite spot for lunch...."Zuni Express"....It is not a fancy restaurant, in fact it is just a convenience store with a few tables to sit at and relax...but their food is scrumptious!  I always go for the Zuni Taco with red and green chile New Mexico, this is called "Christmas" when you order it that way!  Wes likes the green chile smothered cheeseburger!  The gals who take your order are always fun to chat with and most accomodating! Wes and I love eating here and just taking a break from a hectic day of buying. I always say..."next time I am not going to order so much" I am always so full after a big Zuni taco!  I also say "next time I am not going to buy so much"....referring to all the fetishes and other artwork that we purchase.....but, I never take my own advice, and if I were able to head down to Zuni today, I would probably order a double Zuni taco and buy every single fetish or piece of pottery that I saw!  That's what make life fun!  Guess I will go and check out my kitchen cupboards and see if anything in them resembles one of these delicious dishes....I think I will probably have to settle for a granola bar...but maybe we have some green  and red chile I can put on top, and then it will at least be a "Christmas" granola bar!   Check out Zuni Express for a yummy bite to eat, next time you are visiting Zuni Pueblo...and tell them Jill sent you!!!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Room For One More?????

Prairie Dog Village by Zuni Fetish Carver
Fabian Tsethlikai....
Pipestone Prairie Dogs pop out of Picasso Marble mounds!
I want to keep this for myself!  :)
Sometimes it is really hard for me to part with items I have
purchased to sell on our website.   I have learned over the past
39 years in this business that I can't keep everything ( I used to try!)
We have the greatest I always feel good about the new homes these little
critters are headed to!  This one hasn't sold....yet.....who knows, this might
be one of those pieces I just can't resist!  Better go see if I have room for one
more carving in our curio case!

75+ New Arrivals at Indian Summer......

The Early Bird Catches the Worm....
or the Snake!
We've just added over 75 new Fetish Carvings to Indian Summer!
(including the fun piece above!)

Start your week out with a NEW FETISH CARVING from Indian Summer!
We promise you, it will make your Monday seem a whole lot brighter.....
and with our FREE SHIPPING, you can look forward to receiving it promptly!

Be the early bird that catches one of our latest fetish carvings...before the one you want slips away!
We also have a great selection of beadwork, jewelry, baskets, pottery, and kachinas to choose from!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Wes and Jill Holmes

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lizard Love....

~ Leapin' Lizards! ~
Come take a look at some of the cool lizards...and other reptile carvings we've just added to our website:
Pipestone Armored Lizard by Karen Zunie
Turquoise Rattlesnake by Farlan and Paulette Quam
Picasso Marble Fanned Lizard by Alvin Haloo
  Looking forward to having you drop on by! You will love our lizards!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

That Old Travel Bug.....

El Morro National Monument
New Mexico
The Painted Desert ~ Arizona
Capital Reef ~ Southern Utah
I've got that old "Travel Bug" again!  I get it quite often...especially in the Spring, after a long winter....I am ready to hit the road!  Would love to go to any of the destinations above...these are pictures I have taken, when we have been there in the past!  The photos are beautiful...if I say so myself....but the actual destinations are simply breathtaking! 
Hope I find a cure for my travel bug  soon! 
Happy Trails!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy April Fool's Day!

The coyote was up to his tricks more than usual today!  He is always full of laughter, humor, and foolishness!  He is known as the "Master Trickster" who tricks even himself!!!!
Hope your day was full of more treats than tricks!!!!!! Wow...Now that sounds like it is Halloween! ~Lol~