Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Fetish Posting at Indian Summer November 19th, 2009

Enrike Leekya Travertine Fox

Elroy Pablito Double Septarian Nodule Bears

Derrick Kaamasee Turquoise Beetle

Hayes Leekya Red Winged Blackbird

Herb Hustito Antler Eagle

We have just posted about sixty new fetish carvings....The photos above are just a few of the new ones posted. We are trying to get as many on each day as we can in preparation for the holidays...which are right upon us! Please take a peek at our new offerings and be sure to check back often, as we will be posting more fetishes as well as pottery, baskets and kachinas. Thanksgiving is less than a week away, so we all have busy days ahead with cooking and cleaning and Turkey Day prep! We hope you are enjoying your week before Thanksgiving, as we all know this is the "calm before the storm". Enjoy your week, and enjoy our new postings!