Monday, February 8, 2010

"D.D.O." Dog's Day Out!

Pico is just chomping at the bits to get going!

Looks like Dino is "Leader of the Pack"! ~LOL~ He is a Miniature Greyhound, after all!
Scrappy looks so cute in his parka....That is from left to right: Scrappy, Pico, and Dino.....

The snow is melting, and the little streams are running....

What a magnificent animal...and how neat it is, that we can walk and see them daily!

This fellow is looking for a treat....there is an older gentleman who walks this trail daily and brings the elk carrots....Don't worry big guy....he is just up the trail, on his way with a big bag of carrots!

The sun came out for a while today....I saw a robin, and there is definitely a "February thaw"....Spring must not be too far off! Liz came over for a visit with Scrappy, so we decided to play hooky from working on the net, and take the two little pups on a walk. Ellie was home from school today, so we asked her and Dino to join us (sorry Philly, that you were at work). This was the first time that we have taken the three dogs together on a walk...or I guess I should really say, that this is the first time the three dogs have ever taken us on a walk! It was quite the day! (Every thing has an abbreviation nowadays...I have learned that "Girl's Night Out" is now just G.N.O. so I decided that "Dog's Day Out" would now officially be "D.D.O.") We got them bundled up in their parkas and took them on the "Lagoon Trail" which as I have mentioned in other posts, is a great walking trail close to our home that goes all around the outskirts of the amusement park called " Lagoon". There are bison and elk that are part of Lagoon's "zoo" that you see on the always makes for a fun walk! We are supposed to have temps in the 40's all week, and no snow! I'm not sure if "Phil the Groundhog" made a correct prediction this least not for Utah, that is...which is fine with me if Phil called it incorrectly this year! Pico is worn out tonight, I am as well, so this will just be a short post...but I really like my elk photos, and the cute one of Dino, Scrappy and Pico on their outing, and wanted to post those! Hope this week before Valentine's Day finds you all enjoying a "spring like" day with blue skies and sunshine!