Thursday, April 22, 2010

Every Day is "Earth Day" in the Traditional Navajo Culture....

Father Sky and Mother Earth depicted in a traditional Navajo Sandpainting.....

The traditional "Navajo Way" contains no concept for religion as being a separate activity from daily life. Navajo religion has been described as "life itself, the land, and well-being." All living things... people, plants, animals, mountains, and the Earth itself, are relatives. The purpose of Navajo life is to maintain balance between the individual and the universe and to live in harmony with nature and the Creator.

"We the five-fingered beings are related to the four-legged,
the winged beings, the spiritual beings, Father Sky, Mother Earth, and nature.
We are all relatives. We cannot leave our relatives behind."
Betty Tso, Traditional Navajo

"Our way of life is our religion, and our teaching. If we are relocated by
force, we will die slowly. The people would not be in balance with Mother
Earth and Sky Father and the spiritual people. In every way, here we are
connected to the land. We belong here."
Mary T Begay, Navajo Elder

Native American wisdom is hard to beat....I have known about the "Navajo Way" for the last 35 years or I sat and typed this post, I did some soul is all such a simple concept, but such a profound one as well. I am making the vow here and now to give back to Mother Earth, it is time for everyone to make this same vow to Mother Earth and to themselves.....