Sunday, March 10, 2013

Native American Full Moons....2013

Do you love gazing at the moon?  I know that I do....I love watching it rise in the east each night over our majestic mountains.  I have always been fascinated with the different phases of the moon and how it affects the ocean tides.  I love watching the changes in the moon over the month, watching it go from just a sliver to a brilliant full moon in just a matter of days!  It is always a mystery to me why I see the moon some days in the middle of the day, high in the sky competing with the sun....other days, the moon is low on the western horizon very early in the evening, and doesn't appear to make it through the night!  Oh, it is fascinating!  The various Native American cultures have always been fascinated by the moon as well.  Many have Dieties or Gods that represent the "moon".  Ceremonies and dances are performed at important cycles of the moon, and they also have names for the full moon of each month of the year! Listed below are some of the names the moon is referred to in the Native American culture, and the date in 2013, when these moons will appear in "Father Sky".  They are magical and mystical names and can conjur up wonderful images and thoughts, just by the mere mention of them!  I hope you enjoy the list of full moons and their Native American names as much I do!   Enjoy...and let your imagination run wild!

Full Moons 2013
Wolf Moon ~ January 26th
Snow Moon ~ February 25th
Worm Moon ~ March 27th
The Pink Moon ~ April 25th
Corn Planting Moon ~ May 25th
Strawberry Moon ~ June 23rd

Thunder Moon ~ July 22nd
Green Corn Moon ~ August 20th
The Harvest Moon ~ September 19th
Hunter's Moon ~ October 18th
Frost Moon ~ November 17th
Long Night's Moon ~ December 17th