Monday, July 8, 2013

Zuni Maidens and Zuni Corn Maidens Have Arrived!

Beautiful new Zuni Maidens and Zuni Corn Maidens have arrived on the scene at
Top left Maiden is by Stuart Quandelacy and is in Banded Onyx and features
 a large ear of corn and an olla bowl of turquoise "blue corn pollen".
Top right Maiden is Claudia Peina's elegant shimmering Mother of Pearl
Zuni Maiden with traditional Butterfly hairdo.
Bottem left is Claudia Peina's pretty purple Dumorterite Zuni Maiden
with Butterfly hairdo and beautiful "jewelry".....
And last, but not least is Gloria Chattin's colorful Spiny Oyster Maiden
in the bottom right hand corner!
Don't miss out of one of these beauties!