Monday, December 16, 2013

Indian Summer is Back Online....and Offering BIG Holiday Savings!

Thank you for BEARING with us!

On December 5th, our web server crashed....
We had a dedicated VPS server which hosted our
website Indian Summer and our daughter Liz's site
Zuni Fetish Outlet!

Couldn't have come at a worse time for us...and for our loyal customers who do their holiday shopping with us every year!
We are back up and running on a new server and definitely with a new ISP....eventually we will get our site back up to where it
was and be bigger and better than ever!!!!

We unfortunately lost 100's of pictures and descriptions of our merchandise, but we still have plenty to offer......
and at a HUGE savings to you for standing by us through this holiday crisis!

Take a full 25% DISCOUNT off any purchase totaling $100.00 or more between now and Friday the 20th.
Friday will be the last day we ship until after the 28th of December.

This sale applies to Zuni Fetish Outlet as well! (Sorry, orders cannot be combined as we are two separate websites)

Enter BEAR in coupon code (both Indian Summer and ZFO) while checking out
using our secure online payment form, and hit "apply" for your holiday savings!
We have a new shopping cart with a different you might have fun checking that out!

Wishing you a very Happy Holiday, and thank you again for your business and loyalty!

Wes and Jill